Eternal Ink Europe

With our partner company Eternal Ink Europe GmbH, we have been importing and distributing Eternal Ink products in Europe for the last 15 years, and we are pleased to continue supplying you with this top tattoo ink brand under the best wholesale conditions available on the market.

We ensure and double-check, of course, that all products we sell to you comply with EU REACH guidelines. This means you can now shop for Eternal Ink APEX products at TAT-EU, introducing Eternal Ink's first colorful product line since the introduction of the new regulatory tattoo ink act by the European Union.

By purchasing Eternal Ink products from us, you benefit from numerous advantages and can rest assured that you have a reliable wholesale and supply partner on your side. We always ensure that you are kept informed of all product innovations and adjustments concerning this tattoo ink brand.

Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Quick and efficient processing and dispatch of your order
  • Providing all relevant documents for your and your customers' legal security
  • Access to marketing and media assets in our download portal
  • Attractive shipping conditions

Order now or reach out if you have any questions regarding our distribution of Eternal Ink products. We are happy to assist you wherever we can.

Your team from TAT-EU and Eternal Ink Europe

Artist and End Customer Info

In any case of product request or if you need any further information on Eternal Ink prodcuts sold over us please reach out via our contact form. Please make sure to give as many details about the used or purchased products as we can only help with customer support of products imported and distributed by us. We will then manage all further communication with the manufacturer for you.